How to install Flickr Fast Downloader.

  1. Make sure you have installed .Net Framework 4.8 or later on your computer.
  2. Click Flickr Fast Downloader link, it will start the download and installation process.
    Note: The installer will launch only for Internet Explorer and FireFox (should you have the plugin installed). If you are prompted to download the application file, save this file locally and execute it to launch the installer.

How to download large/original photos.

In Free version it allow you to download photos/videos upto medium size.
You can download large/original size by buying license key.

  1. Buy Flickr Fast Downloader license key.
  2. Click settings menu and enter the license key and the email address that you received the license key.
  3. Click authentication button. You can change download photo and video size from 'Download Size' on setting menu.